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We use the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-4) Sentence and Essay level writing subtests and the Test of Written Language (TOWL-4) in our evaluations. The challenge is to ensure that teachers understand how to identify reading difficulties early, use data collected through the assessment process to make eligibility decisions, and link data to the development of the IEP. Schools and teachers play an essential role in identifying students with reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and are responsible for teaching them to read. It is well understood that high-quality instruction can prevent some reading problems and reduce the impact of more-severe reading difficulties (Mather & Wendling, 2011).

Tests that ask students to spell nonsense words are less common but are useful in assessing a student’s knowledge of phonics (e.g., Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement IV Spelling of Sounds; Schrank et al., 2014a). Spelling tests also provide information about a student’s morphological awareness. For example, the student who spells lived as livt does not have knowledge of the -ed convention for past tense .

Dyslexia Testing and Assessment

These tests help rule out other problems and identifies each client’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Estimated costs, including a Master’s degree, are about half of the psychology degree. However, that’s still plenty of tuition, fees, studying, and even living expenses to pay.

Professional Learning

Documentation is also important for obtaining accommodations on college entrance exams , in college, or in the workplace. Cognitive or intelligence testing is not required as part of the SLD identification process. Average or higher scores on measures of listening comprehension, receptive vocabulary, math calculation and math reasoning can demonstrate the presence of average or higher intellectual potential in the young student. Current federal special education law, IDEA, states that the use of severe discrepancy must not be required for identification of SLD including dyslexia. However, some students with complicated learning profiles such as twice exceptional students will need cognitive or intellectual testing to demonstrate their unique learning profile and needs. There are many roads to success, but learning disability testing and assessment are good places to start.

It costs money to purchase and administer assessments

Although some programs have a placement test which helps the teacher to know where instruction should begin, many do not. For this reason, information about the child’s specific skill needs should be detailed in the report to assist in identifying the starting point for instruction. Recommended programs or intervention strategies should be consistent with the types of content and methods that research has shown to be effective for students with dyslexia and other poor readers. If warranted, a recommendation for further testing–vision, hearing, fine motor control , attention, emotional adjustment–might also be included.

Ask Susan: Orthographic Dyslexia — Symptoms, Causes, Intervention

This information may be used to plan instruction and guide ongoing assessment. 讀寫障礙評估 can document student progress; progress is demonstrated by an increase in standard scores or percentile ranks, not by an increase in age or grade equivalent scores. Adults with dyslexia may need accommodations in the work place such as extended time or electronic readers to accommodate diagnosed dyslexia. Without health insurance coverage, diagnostic testing for dyslexia can be expensive. A good evaluation process typically takes about hours of the psychologist’s time, and this is what is reflected in the fees.

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